Unlocking the full value of your R&D Tax credit claim

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It maybe tempting to prepare your own R&D Tax Credit Claim in order to save the cost of paying a professional to complete the claim on your behalf. However, this could be a false economy as you could miss out on the full potential of your R&D Tax Credit claim value.

There are several areas to consider when completing and submitting an R&D Tax Credit Claim to HMRC. Firstly, there are a lot of costs that can be associated with your R&D project, you need to ensure you are claiming the full benefit for your R&D project otherwise you could be missing out on significant cash. There is a lot to consider such as how to calculate R&D Tax Credit Claims for businesses that are part of a wider group, how to use grants in conjunction with an R&D Tax Credit and understanding the use of subcontractors. You can also run the risk of over valuing the claim which can result in a potentially costly HMRC enquiry. 

An error could jeopardise your R&D Tax Credit Claim, if HMRC notice something is incorrect this could lead them to sending you an enquiry letter instead of an R&D Tax Credit payment. This will then result in you needing to supply far more evidence to back up your claim and you could risk a penalty if the claim was not completed fully.

It takes a long time to pull together all of the necessary information needed to complete an R&D Tax Credit Claim. It is not just a job for the finance team, but the technical team will also need to be involved in order to pull together all of the necessary information. This time could be better spent getting on with the day job instead of spending time on trying to figure out how to complete the necessary forms. We can tailor our support to ensure the process is completed in a timely manner leaving you free to get on with what you do best.

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