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Signly Limited, headquartered in Lockerley, Hampshire, is a leading developer of assistive technology solutions for the d/Deaf community who utilize British Sign Language (BSL) in the UK.

Project Overview:

Signly’s Sign Language as a Service (SLaaS) enhances accessibility for Deaf sign language users:

  1. On-screen sign language translations on webpages.
  2. Ensuring compliance with the Equality Act 2010, National Strategy for Disabled People, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and Public Sector Bodies Websites and Mobile Applications Accessibility Regulations 2018.
  3. Empowering major organizations such as Microsoft, DeafBlind UK, and Lloyds Bank to exceed compliance requirements and better accommodate Deaf sign language users through Signly’s ground-breaking platform.
  4. Leveraging Microsoft Azure to provide a fully managed Sign Language as a Service (SLaaS) solution with minimal coding required by the website owner.

Qualifying R&D Expenditure:

Signly identified multiple areas of R&D expenditure eligible for inclusion in their tax credit claim. A portion of two team members’ salaries, who were responsible for project management and software development, was included. Additionally, relevant costs associated with external specialists, engaged to fill gaps in in-house expertise, were incorporated. Other software development expenses, such as ensuring timely translation requests and creating an app for QR codes, were also considered.

Tax Relief Scheme Selection and Outcome:

HMRC offers two primary R&D tax relief schemes: the SME scheme for smaller businesses and the Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC) scheme for larger businesses. After conducting a thorough review of Signly Limited’s operations and R&D activities, the SME scheme was deemed suitable. Consequently, the company realised a substantial cash benefit.

Signly Limited’s successful R&D tax credit claim highlights the importance of understanding and leveraging available tax relief schemes. By collaborating with R&D Taxbox, the company was able to secure valuable financial benefits, enabling it to continue developing and implementing innovative solutions for the d/Deaf community.

Signly has developed some fantastic solutions, and we were able to understand their business and the qualifying R&D expenditure to ensure they could claim back all the eligible R&D costs involved in the projects.

Jon Goodier, Director at R&D Taxbox

Mark Applin, Managing Director at Signly, expressed gratitude for Jon’s expertise, stating, “Thanks to Jon’s exceptional knowledge of the R&D process and understanding of our business, we were able to ensure we could maximize our R&D tax credit claim.”

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