HMRC launch new R&D additional information form

Published by Sandra Smith on

R&D additional information form

The Government have announced several changes to the R&D tax credit scheme, another recent change is the introduction of the ‘additional information form.’

From 8th August 2023, HMRC requires an additional information form to be submitted to support all R&D tax relief claims. This form will need to be submitted before your company’s Corporation Tax return. HMRC will reject any claims that have not completed and supplied this form.

The requirement for this form to be completed will be needed for claims under both the SME R&D tax relief and R&D expenditure credit (RDEC) schemes. The information that you need to supply on the form includes:

  • Contact details – The person at the company who is responsible for the claim along with any agent details.
  • Company information – UTR, PAYE, VAT registration number, and their SIC code.
  • Confirmation of the scheme – confirm if it is the RDEC or SME scheme being claimed under.
  • Accounting period – this must align with the same period in the Company Tax Return.
  • Cost summary – qualifying expenditure per cost category, separated by project.
  • Project overview – which projects are being claimed for and a description of each.

This new form will need to be completed for any R&D tax credit claims submitted after 8th August 2023. Our experienced team can ensure you submit the correct information so your claim is submitted correctly.