Exploring R&D tax solutions at Venturefest

Published by Sandra Smith on

R&D Taxbox team at Venturefest South booth, showcasing services and engaging with attendees

The R&D Taxbox team made its first appearance at Venturefest South last week, marking a significant milestone for us. This annual event serves as a hub for the region’s trailblazers, entrepreneurs, and investors, providing a platform to showcase innovative technology and explore innovative ideas.

Given our close collaboration with a variety of forward-thinking businesses, where we offer support in navigating R&D tax claims, this occasion presented the perfect opportunity to spotlight our comprehensive range of services. We had a great day meeting many new contacts, potential entrepreneurs, and fellow exhibitors spanning diverse sectors.

Our stand featured an array of enticing giveaways, and we added an extra element of excitement by hosting a competition, with Alison John from Yellow emerging as the lucky winner of an Amazon voucher. We are looking forward to meeting up with the contacts that we made on the day,

As we work closely with many innovative businesses, providing support for them to claim R&D tax claims this was the ideal opportunity for us to highlight everything we do.

We had a great day meeting many new contacts, potential entrepreneurs and fellow exhibitors from a wide variety of different sectors.

R&D tax credits can be a bit of a minefield, so to ensure you are maximising the amount of R&D tax credit that you can claim it is worth discussing this with an expert. Reflecting on the day, Jon Goodier, our Director, expressed, “We had a fantastic time at Venturefest and are enthusiastic about following up with the contacts we made.”

Navigating the landscape of R&D tax credits can be difficult to ensure you are maximising the full potential of R&D tax credits it is worth discussing your claim with one of our experts.